Strategic Communication

We have two main offerings under our strategic communication practice

Financial Communication

Financial analysts are just as proficient with numbers as the media are with words and while the analysts chance to trust the media to tell the story behind the numbers, often the media face challenges unpacking the numbers into a narrative for their audience.

P&L Consulting works closely with both the financial analysts and business media to ensure that the numbers are accurately explained in the simplest way for the different audiences.

Under our financial communication services, our mandate is:

  1. Results Announcement
  2. Annual Reports

Development Communication

Development Communication aims to improve the chances of success of development projects.
We support the lifeline of these development projects through communication with the am of influencing project acceptance, behavior change and refinancing.

Our mandate under development communication include:

  1. Community Engagement
  2. Stakeholder Relationship Management
  3. Environment Social and Governance Reporting