Investor Relations

P&L Consulting has invested in new age research and analysis tools to support our clients to make informed business decisions. We also employ these tools to inform our clients on their B2B engagement strategies and rhythm.

Our services under investor relations include:

Private Equity Support

We believe that on average, 70% of the work that goes in to setting up a functional PE firm is in communication. We work with our clients to provide information from which the fund strategy can be derived. In addition to deriving the find strategy, P&L Consulting also puts together the fund raising narrative and collaterals as well as supporting through the fundraising roadshows.

We further leverage our continued interaction with entrepreneurs across the region, to offer deal origination support.

Transaction Advisory

Traditionally, issuers and sponsors introduce the communication component at the tail end of transaction talks. The product of this miscalculation is the misrepresentation of the transaction narrative to potential investors and the public.

Through our transaction advisory services, our mandate captures all communication undertaking, including but not limited to:

  1. Reputation Due Diligence
  2. Development of Term Sheets and Prospectus
  3. Media Education on Transaction
  4. Designing issuer/ sponsor Transaction Narrative
  5. Change Management

Investor Relation (Capital Markets)

As an issuer, you always want to know who is at your party, how long they will stay, how much they will spend at your party and if at all they will leave and go to your peers’ party. If they are attending your peers’ party and not yours, you will want informed solutions on how best you can engage them to your benefit.

P&L Consulting will provide counsel on:

  1. Investor Identification, Targeting and Profiling
  2. Independent Buy and Sell Side Reports
  3. Analyst Forums
  4. Non-deal Roadshows