Ascent Capital

For fund raising, We developed an engagement strategy that unlocked the first local capital from pension funds for a private equity firm.

We also achieved correctly messaged media profiling in local, pan-African and international media including Private Equity International, Financial Times, Goldman Sachs Internal newsletter, Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBCA


Africa Development Bank

Our mandate has been to manage communication for the Africa Development Bank for its Eastern Africa Resource Center which looks after 13 countries in the region.

We have, since January 2013 managed all media engagement for AfDB for the region for their projects, government relations and corporate communication needs.

Rift Valley Railways

Prepping infrastructure portfolio company for second round of capital raising through profiling CAPEX programme and achievements to date.

Stakeholder engagement to lobby for legislative changes, to enhance operating business environment.

Reputation and crisis management around legacy issues

Pamoja Capital

We are currently working with Pamoja Capital on their fund formation assignment where we are tasked with developing the strategy for the fund including investment policies, investment committee members and management team.

The second part of the assignment will be to assist the fund through the fundraising process.


Oraro & Company Advocates

After only 6 months of a demerge that was celebrated with pomp and colour, our client wished to demerge. While there was a lot of unsettling in the background, our brief was to ensure a seamless transition both internally and publicly.

Our mandate was to springboard the conversation to future opportunities rather than focusing the narrative on what did not work. The rebrand and staff relations were also managed tightly to avoid leaks in the press.

Njenga Karume Trust

Following the patriarch's demise, a section of his children moved to court to contest his will and the trust. The trial was hence moved to the court of public opinion and the trust was exposed to potential damage that could cripple their operations.

Our mandate has been to move the focus from the court theatrics to a narrative of understanding sustainable estate planning under trusts, using Njenga Karume as precedence.